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>> iCampus is an experimental e-Learning site created and hosted by the department of Computer and Information Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering at Iwate University.

The name iCampus comes from the acronym which represents an integrated campus using advanced multimedia processes in a ubiquitous society.

Please refer to the usages via the project page.

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New Lectures
Lecture Information Technology : No.1
Lecturer : Jouji MIWA
Videos-> video   Materials-> data
Lecture Introduction to Japanese : No.1
Lecturer : Jouji MIWA
Videos-> video   Materials-> data
What's new?
2014/04/01 iCampus 10th Anniversary
2011/01/01 Kanji Handwriting Practice
2009/06/01 United Podcast for Advanced Learning Using Kanji Amimations
2008/12/24 Multiple Network Dictionary Search Using Kanji Handwriting Recognition
2008/04/04 Placement Test for Japanese Classes
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