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1  (に)
(num) two
2  (ふ)
(num) two
3  (にき)
(n) two periods or terms
4  (にし)
(n) two out (e.g. in baseball)
5  (にし)
(n) the two solstices (summer and winter)
6  (にじ)
(n) two characters
7  (にと)
(n) (arch) two rabbits
8  (にど)
(n) (1) two times
9  (にぶ)
(n) two parts
10  (ふう)
(num) two
11  (ふた)
(num) two
12  (にいん)
(n) the two houses of legislature
13  (におう)
(n) the two guardian Deva kings
14  (にくん)
(n) two masters
15  (にごう)
(n) number two
16  (にさん)
(n-adv) two or three
17死後  (にしご)
(n) after two outs
18  (にしゃ)
(n) two things
19  (にじき)
(n) two meals (a day)
20  (にそう)
(n) two-phase
21  (にそく)
(n,adj-no) (1) two legs
22  (につう)
(n) two copies
23  (ににん)
(n) two persons
24  (にねん)
(n) two ideas
25  (にふん)
(n) two minutes
26  (にほん)
(adj) two (long cylindrical things)
27  (にまい)
(n) two sheets (pieces) (of paper)
28  (によう)
(n) two flat things
29  (にりん)
(n) two wheels
30  (にれつ)
(n) two rows
31  (ふたつ)
(n) two
32  (ふたて)
(n) two groups
33  (ふたま)
(n) two rooms
34  (ふたり)
(n) two persons
35階家  (にかいや)
(n) two-story house
36階屋  (にかいや)
(n) two storey house
37箇所  (にかしょ)
(n) two parts
38期制  (にきせい)
(n) two-term system
39  (にしょく)
(n) two-color
40  (にしょく)
(n) two meals (a day)
41次元  (にじげん)
(n) two dimensions
42次コン  (にじコン)
(n) two-dimensional complex
43度刈り  (にどがり)
(n) getting two crops a year
44  (にひゃく)
(n) two hundred
45部作  (にぶさく)
(n) two-part work
46塁打  (にるいだ)
(n) two-base hit
47  (ふたぐみ)
(n) two classes
48  (ふたけた)
(n) two-digit number
49けた  (ふたけた)
(n) two digits
50  (ふたこと)
(n) (1) two words
51  (ふたたば)
(n) two bunches
52  (ふたつき)
(n) two months
53文字  (ふたもじ)
(n) (1) two (written) characters
54うり  (うりふたつ)
(adj-na) as alike as two melons (two peas in a pod)
55  (うりふたつ)
(adj-na) as alike as two melons (two peas in a pod)
56  (そうにかい)
(n) full two-story house
57地下  (ちかにかい)
(n) two-story basement (as in department stores)
58階建  (にかいだて)
(n) two-storied building
59階建て  (にかいだて)
(n) two-storied building
60弦琴  (にげんきん)
(n) two-stringed koto
61線式  (にせんしき)
(n) two-wire-system
62槽式  (にそうしき)
(n) two-part washing machine
63頭立て  (にとうだて)
(n) two-horse cart
64頭挽き  (にとうびき)
(n) two-horse cart
65人組  (ににんぐみ)
(n) (1) twosome
66人前  (ににんまえ)
(adj-no) for two people
67本差し  (にほんざし)
(n) two-sworded (samurai)
68毛作  (にもうさく)
(n) two crops a year
69輪車  (にりんしゃ)
(n) two wheeled vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, etc.)
70つ宛  (ふたつあて)
(n) two pieces of
71つ宛  (ふたつづつ)
(n) two pieces of
72結び  (ふたむすび)
(n) two half hitches
73人組  (ふたりぐみ)
(n) (1) twosome
74人連れ  (ふたりづれ)
(n) party of two
75人乗り  (ふたりのり)
(n,vs) two people using the same (vehicle) (often two on a bike)
76人分  (ふたりぶん)
(n) two persons' portion
77人前  (ふたりまえ)
(adj-no) for two people
78日間  (ふつかかん)
(n) a period of two days
79真っ  (まっぷたつ)
(n) in two equal parts
80  (しもふたけた)
(n) last two figures of a number
81  (しゅうふつか)
(exp) two days a week
82善悪不  (ぜんあくふに)
(exp) (Buddh) Good and evil are but two faces of the same coin
83太刀  (たちふたこし)
(n) two swords
84色刷り  (にしょくずり)
(n) two-color printing
85段見出し  (にだんみだし)
(n) two-line heading
86丁鎌  (にちょうがま)
(n) two sickles used in Okinawan Kobudo
87  (はたにりゅう)
(n) two flags
88  (はたにりゅう)
(n) two flags
89仏像  (ぶつぞうにざ)
(n) two images of Buddha
90一日  (いちにちふつか)
(n,adv) a day or two
91課勉強  (にかべんきょう)
(n,vs) studying two lessons
92者択一  (にしゃたくいつ)
(n) two alternatives
93進一退  (にしんいったい)
(n,vs) two steps forward, one step back
94値論理学  (にちろんりがく)
(n) (obsc) two-valued logic
95点先取  (にてんせんしゅ)
(n,vs) taking (score) the first two points of the game
96部合唱  (にぶがっしょう)
(n) two-part chorus
97部教授  (にぶきょうじゅ)
(n) two-session system
98枚鑑札  (にまいかんさつ)
(n) holding two positions at once (esp. of sumo rikishi or judges who are also coaches)
99枚看板  (にまいかんばん)
(n) the two leading actors (in a play)
100仏像  (ぶつぞうにたい)
(n) two images of Buddha
101一国制度  (いっこくにせいど)
(n) "One country, two systems" (Chinese political ideology allowing for the communist mainland and capitalist areas such as Hong Kong)
102一石  (いっせきにちょう)
(exp) killing two birds with one stone
103君に仕えず  (にくんにつかえず)
(exp) to not serve two masters
104大強国  (にだいきょうこく)
(n) (the) two great powers
105一言  (ひとことふたこと)
(exp) a word or two
106つ折りにする  (ふたつおりにする)
(exp,vs-i) to fold in two
107元方程式  (にげんほうていしき)
(n) (math) equation with two unknowns
108者選一法  (にしゃせんいつほう)
(n) completion test (one out of two choices)
109重三重  (にじゅうさんじゅう)
(n) twofold and threefold
110大政党制  (にだいせいとうせい)
(n) two-party system
111指樹懶  (ふたゆびなまけもの)
(n) (uk) two-toed sloth
112大政党主義  (にだいせいとうしゅぎ)
(n) two-party system
113宮様お  (みやさまおふたところ)
(n) two Imperial princes
114交替制労働  (にこうたいせいろうどう)
(n) two-shift work program (programme)
115者択一を迫られる  (にしゃたくいつをせまられる)
(exp,v1) to be faced with the choice between two alternatives
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