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1  (たみ)
(n) nation
2  (こくみん)
(n) national
3  (みんとく)
(n) national morality
4  (みんぷう)
(n) national customs
5  (みんぷく)
(n) national welfare
6他国  (たこくみん)
(n) other nations
7  (ちょうみん)
(n) the whole nation
8  (みんりょく)
(n) national manpower
9  (こくみんぐん)
(n) national army
10  (こくみんせい)
(n) national traits or character
11  (こくみんてき)
(adj-na) national
12  (こくみんふく)
(n) national uniform (such as mandated for Japanese males in 1940)
13全国  (ぜんこくみん)
(n) the whole nation
14万国  (ばんこくみん)
(n) the people of all nations
15族性  (みんぞくせい)
(n) racial or national characteristics
16国家  (こくみんこっか)
(n) nation-state
17審査  (こくみんしんさ)
(n) national review (as an act of a peoples' sovereignty)
18国利  (こくりみんぷく)
(n) national interests and the people's welfare
19天下万  (てんかばんみん)
(n) the whole nation
20族意識  (みんぞくいしき)
(n) national consciousness
21族差別  (みんぞくさべつ)
(n) ethnic discrimination
22族主義  (みんぞくしゅぎ)
(n) nationalism
23族自決  (みんぞくじけつ)
(n) self-determination of peoples
24経国済  (けいこくさいみん)
(n) governing a nation and providing relief to people
25経世済  (けいせいさいみん)
(n) governing a nation and providing relief to people
26生活  (こうみんせいかつ)
(n) national life
27経済  (こくみんけいざい)
(n) national economy
28所得  (こくみんしょとく)
(n) national income
29年金  (こくみんねんきん)
(n) national pension
30族国家  (たみんぞくこっか)
(n) multiracial nation
31族衣装  (みんぞくいしょう)
(n) national costume
32救国済  (きゅうこくさいみん)
(n) saving a nation and providing relief to people
33皆保険  (こくみんかいほけん)
(n) medical insurance for the whole nation
34宿舎  (こくみんしゅくしゃ)
(n) national youth hostels
35的基盤  (こくみんてききばん)
(exp) based on a nation's people
36投票  (こくみんとうひょう)
(n) national referendum
37休暇村  (こくみんきゅうかむら)
(n) national vacation village
38純福祉  (こくみんじゅんふくし)
(n) net national welfare
39総支出  (こくみんそうししゅつ)
(n) gross national expenditure
40総所得  (こくみんそうしょとく)
(n) gross national income
41総生産  (こくみんそうせいさん)
(n) gross national product
42主主義国家  (みんしゅしゅぎこっか)
(n) democratic nation
43健康保険  (こくみんけんこうほけん)
(n) national health insurance
44純生産  (こくみんじゅんせいさん)
(n) net national product
45福祉指標  (こくみんふくししひょう)
(n) (obsc) net national welfare
46体育大会  (こくみんたいいくたいかい)
(n) national athletic meet
47実質国所得  (じっしつこくみんしょとく)
(n) real national income
48名目国所得  (めいもくこくみんしょとく)
(n) nominal national income
49健康保険制度  (こくみんけんこうほけんせいど)
(n) national health insurance program (programme)
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