Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (めんぼく)
(n) face
2不面  (ふめんぼく)
(adj-na,n) shame
3真面  (しんめんぼく)
(n) one's true character
4新面  (しんめんぼく)
(iK) (n) one's true character
5ない  (めんぼくない)
(adj) ashamed
6無い  (めんぼくない)
(adj) ashamed
7次第  (めんぼくしだい)
(n) face
8一新  (めんぼくいっしん)
(n,vs) undergoing a complete change in appearance
9本来の面  (ほんらいのめんぼく)
(exp) (Buddh) one's true nature (lit: one's original face)
10丸つぶれ  (めんぼくまるつぶれ)
(exp) complete loss of face
11丸潰れ  (めんぼくまるつぶれ)
(exp) complete loss of face
12を施す  (めんぼくをほどこす)
(exp) to get credit
13に係る問題  (めんぼくにかかるもんだい)
(n) problem concerning one's honor (honour)
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