Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (サゴ)
(n) (uk) (nl:) sago (edible sago palm starch)
2  (こう)
(n) "grain rain" solar term (approx. April 20)
3  (ごく)
(n) the 5 grains (wheat, rice, beans, millet (awa and kibi))
4の木  (かき)
(n) (uk) paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)
5  (こう)
(n) granary
6  (こん)
(n) grain (rice) flour
7  (こつ)
(n) grain
8  (こい)
(n) grains
9椰子  (さし)
(n) (uk) sago palm (Metroxylon sagu)
10  (ざく)
(n) assorted grains
11  (しく)
(n) new grain
12  (だく)
(n,vs) threshing
13  (べく)
(n) rice
14  (かい)
(n) cereal crops
15  (きく)
(n) the nine grains
16  (こく)
(n,vs) cereal diet
17  (こう)
(n) kernel
18潰し  (ごし)
(n) good-for-nothing
19  (だき)
(n) threshing machine
20象虫  (こし)
(n) (uk) maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais)
21倉地帯  (こい)
(n) grain-producing region
22豊穣  (ごう)
(n) bumper (abundant) crop
23通帳  (べう)
(n) rice-ration book
Licences: KANJIDICT and EDICT from EDRDG.

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