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1 Favorite Site Associative Kanji Learning (Iwate Univ.)
Learn Kanji Using Stroke Order Animations and Matching Quizzes for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android
Beginner's Kanji 1010 English
2 A Door to the World of Kanji
Elementary Kanji 720 English
3 Mainichi-Kanji
Elementary Kanji 598 English
4 Java Kanji Flashcards 500
Elementary Kanji 555 English
5 KanjiLearn
Elementary Kanji 536 English
6 Kanji & JLPT Renshuu (Renshuu.org)
Elementary Kanji 465 English
7 Kanji Practice by Ishida (Dartmouth Univ.)
Elementary Kanji 444 English
8 Gahoh (Akita Int. Univ.)
Kanji Stroke Order by QuickTime
Elementary Kanji 438 English
9 Kanji alive (Univ. of Chicago)
(QT movie)
Elementary Kanji 342 English
10 Tango Town
Elementary Kanji 334 English
11 Kanji Drill by Philip Brown
Elementary Kanji 316 English
12 MIT Kanji projects: Yookoso kanji (MIT)
Elementary Kanji 308 English
13 Introduction to Kanji (Iwate Univ.)
Beginner's Kanji 289 English
14 Kanji Wiki (Purdue Univ.)
A site where students and teachers can submit their ideas to remember kanji
Elementary Kanji 273 English
15 Kanji Clinic by Mary Noguchi
Elementary Kanji 267 English
16 Gahoh
Kanji Stroke Order by QuickTime
Elementary Kanji 250 English
17 First Step to Kanji Stroke Orders (Iwate Univ.)
Basic rules of stroke order using animations
Beginner's Kanji 206 English
18 Joyo Kanji List for Stroke Orders (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Kanji 190 English
19 Kanji Stroke Order (3A Network)
Kanji for Beginners (Flash)
Elementary Kanji 178 English
20 Favorite Site Kanji Science
Kanji Learning Tips such as Stroke Orders, Directions and Primitives
Beginner's Kanji 129 English
21 Favorite Site Kanji Search Using Multiple Methods (Iwate Univ.)
Easy search by English mearning, On/Kun/Romaji reading, pinyin, radical and so on.
Beginner's Kanji 109 English
22 How to Install Free Japanese Educational Fonts (Iwate Univ.)
PC & Mac 無料 日本語 教科書体 フォント インストール 方法
Beginner's Kanji 9 English

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