INternet Speech Analysis System via E-Mail: INSAS/M

Public Acoustic Analysis System for Speech Signal
Using Techniques of E-mail and Web


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This web page is the result of a research project titled "A Speech Analysis System Using Multimedia Computers: Improvement and Popularization for Roku-Bun-Ken and INSAS/M ." The principal investigator of the project is Dr. Motohisa Imaishi of Hiroshima Woman's University. The project is partially supported by a grant-in-aid for scientific research (No. 08551007) from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture.

The system is developed by Mr. Masaru Kumagai and Dr. Jouji Miwa. The details of the system have been described in:
Masaru Kumagai and Jouji Miwa: Public Analysis System for Speech Using Techniques of E-mail and Web, Acoust. Soc. Japan Spring Meeting, 2-P-29, pp.325-326 (Mar. 1999)(in Japanese).
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